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The theme of the season seems to be HUMILITY. Not a fun one to say the least. But an important theme for sure.

Since a young child, I’ve always believed in doing big great things. It had two major requirements: travel the world and something with humanitarian efforts. Before even knowing what that was going to look like, I would stress myself out about what a family would look like in my life and often even disqualified myself before even having a clue what this “dream life” would look like. It seemed like I skipped far too many steps and now am going through the process of developing that dream one step at a time.

To be honest, I’ve never really had to work at anything. Granted, I was never really fulfilled or happy either… ironic isn’t it? Point is, I always got the job I wanted, lost the weight when I needed to, had the guy I was interested in. And if for some reason I didn’t get what I wanted, well I blamed it on not wanting it enough. It’s difficult to navigate life like that- without any thorough effort. Which again, is ironic to me, because I am a incredibly passionate person at heart. It’s easy to get me to glow or rant, or cry or laugh- I have many emotions and opinions and I’ve never had a difficult time sharing both of those with the public but now I’m learning effort and passion must be paired. More importantly paired with humility.

Recently after praying to Big Guy, and a revelation hit me so hard, it forced me to stop what I was doing. Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.22.29 PMIt’s funny to me that my current job description during this season is… can you guess?


Serving ultimately boils down to putting others before yourself. You’d think if I wanted to help people, I would have already figured that one out and learned that. My current pastor recently said:Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.23.45 PMBut, it’s a constant process and like Joyce Meyer says “We keep our priorities straight by daily straightening them out.”

I’m honestly grateful to be living in this season.  Learning discipline and to smile while you do it is something that  I will greatly benefit in years to come.

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