Divine Encouragment

It’s been a week since I’ve made the move to Australia and already there have been a couple of incredible things that have happened!

To break up my flight from SFO to SYD, I planned a layover in Singapore for three days. As I got on the flight I stood at the gate and kept thinking to myself: “There’s time to turn around. You can do it! Just turn around.” But right as I was thinking this, I got this text message from a girl I barely knew. We had coffee once a couple months ago and she was kind enough to inform me about the program I was about to attend, which she graduated from. She wrote me this lovely text with such incredible encouragement that seriously helped me step foot onto that plane. It seriously was about the timing of that text message that made it so special to me. It came at the perfect moment to encourage me that I wasn’t alone, that this was going to be life changing and exciting and not to let fear rob me of this experience.

Then I ended up sitting next to this girl who I didn’t speak to the entire flight until we were exiting. She noticed the Christian book I was reading and had read it herself, which led to some incredible conversations. While waiting in line another girl overheard our conversation and interrupted us with great enthusiasm for my upcoming journey. She had friends recently graduate from the same program I’ll be attending. Vanessa, the girl I sat next to on the plane earlier then invited me to use the VIP lounge with her during my 5 hour Shanghai layover.

Once I finally arrived in Singapore 6 hours later, I took my sweet time figuring out how to get around. I was waisting time in the airport until I finally decided to explore. As I got unto the metro, this guy barely makes the cart and sits right next to me. He introduces himself and come to find out, he just arrived from doing missionary work in India! We ended up exploring Singapore together and met up with one of his local friends, who gave us the most incredible local experience. It was such a blessing to meet such great people so quickly and to be discussing our journeys with God sitting on top of the Marina Bay Hotel.

Two days later I arrive on a Friday in Sydney welcomed by incredible roommates. Such sweet and kind women who have been eager to guide me through this process and have shown genuine interest in who I am. Saturday I met up with one of the most random people ever. Back when I was 12ish, I used to aim (for you youngsters it’s like ICQ/instant messaging) with this guy back from my hometown in Germany. He recently read my blog and decided to message me about how cool he thought it was that I was a Christian and discussing Mental Health topics. He then informed me he had moved to Melbourne and was going to be in Sydney the weekend I arrived. Naturally we decided to meet up at the Opera House and catch up. It’s pretty surreal how we reconnected after not having spoken in 14 years, but towards the end of the night he said he believed God placed me there to encourage him.

Throughout ONE week, I have had five people that have been PERFECTLY placed to encourage me. When you think about everything that had to occur, like timing, location and context, I’m speechless at how good my God is to me. It’s sweet that he cares about me enough to want to comfort me. Not only comfort me, but really bless me.

It’s brought me perspective to how obedient I am in encouraging others. Do I reach out when someone is going through a tough time? Do I go out of my way to bless someone in need? Do I listen to that voice that tells me to do something irrational and then obey?

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with he ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm to humiliate and to humble. ” Yehuda Berg

Do you know someone that may need some encouragement today? You never know what impact you might have with such little.
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