Why Jesus

Public Service Announcement: I AM ATTENDING BIBLE COLLEGE.

It’s still crazy to believe I’ve taken this road. Especially as someone who never considered this path. Heck, I didn’t even want to attend Pepperdine University due to it’s conservative/ religious views. And now I am going to Bible School?!?

Honestly, I’ve kept it under wraps for various reasons. Some were due to my lack of confidence in my decision, and some of it was honestly because I at times can be a bit too concerned with what others may think. Especially when it comes to my faith, I’ve been rather private for most of it. Also because of my lack of knowledge when wanting to defend my faith. But man I have experienced the GOOD NEWS. I have experienced his graciousness, his favor and his radical love and freedom.

My relationship with Jesus hasn’t always been mutual. For many years I wanted to engage spiritualism, as long as it didn’t involve Jesus. I loved the mystery of crystals, chakras, mantra’s and was clearly enticed by New Age Spiritualism. If you don’t know about New Age, it is a term used for a range of different esoteric beliefs that combine Mind, Body, and Spirit. But ultimately New Age is heavily focused on the self, and after much trial and error, I was confronted with innate human flaws. Due to my errors, logically it doesn’t make sense to elevate myself to believe that I am essentially God.

Transitioning from Buddhism and New Age to Christianity wasn’t a glamorous one. Christians oftentimes came across pretentious, self-righteous, judgemental and ignorant. But every time I stepped into that small Church, I wept because God spoke so distinctly to my broken heart. Years later I’ve come to realize that these so claimed Christians have never encountered God, rather claiming his name for power and authority.

Therefore my next blogs will be on a series of:

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Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.12.07 PM

After reading the Origin Stories of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greek, and Hebrews, was I able to see the similarities and vast differences between them. I was drastically enlightened by how different cultures see the human relationship to the divine. More than anything the Origin Stories validated how beautiful and special the Christian faith it. It often times feels too good to be true and defines human identity their sacredness.


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.14.16 PM

July’s blog post will examine grace. Christianity is the only religion that is not based on our works to receive salvation, but we’ve been gifted with grace. Martin Luther once said: “I preach grace every day because every day I forget.” Grace is a precious undeserving gift that brings joy and freedom. In this post, I’ll discuss why grace is so crucial to mental and spiritual freedom.

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In August I want to focus on the Upside Down Kingdom. Discussing Jesus’ values and how incredibly contradicting they are to today’s culture. How drastic, sacrificial and people-oriented He is. At Bible College we consistently pray that there may be less of us and more of Him (Jesus) and during this blog, I’ll get down and dirty with just how raw and crazy that prayer actually is and just how good it really is.

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If you have questions on any of the upcoming three topics, please message me in the “What Do You Think” form. I’d be more than happy to incorporate your questions and thoughts. This series is to shed light on the joy, freedom, and healing I’ve received mentally and spiritually from Jesus Christ. Why I am so passionate about this good news and also to give you some insight on why I’ve committed to this gracious omnipresent loving God.

So do me a favor like this post if you are excited! Scroll below to subscribe and commit to this wild ride of a journey with me!

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2 thoughts on “Why Jesus”

  1. You are growing fast! Keep your eyes on Jesus & moving forward. God has something special for you. We are so proud of you!


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